Made in the Maker_Space: Strathearn Arts

May 18, 2022 by Perthshire Creates


Image of young men and women making movies with iPads as part ofstrathearn arts' Youth filmmaking project

Tell us about yourself?

Strathearn Arts is a community-owned arts organisation which provides our community with high-quality artistic and cultural experiences including live music events, theatre, comedy performances, film screenings, tea dances, visual art workshops and creative learning opportunities.

Last year, we secured funding to deliver Strathearn Arts Youth Filmmaking Project, #MadeOnAMobile. It was a 6-week filmmaking course for 14–17-year-olds, led by professional filmmaker Jon Gill. The project gave a group of local young people experience in filmmaking skills, including storytelling, directing and editing. Using only iPads and free software, the participants make individual short films and worked collaboratively to produce a final project short film about volunteering at Strathearn Arts.

Strathearn Arts Youth Filmmaking Project was a collaboration with Logos Youth Project and Maker_Space who kindly loaned 4 iPads for the young people to use.

How did you find out about the Maker_Space?

We first heard about Maker_Space at a CPK event which organised a tour of Maker_Space in Ak Bell Library in Perth in 2019.

Please describe what you used the Maker_Space to do?

We held one session of the Youth Film Project in the Maker_Space at Strathearn Campus and Scott Russell, Maker_Space Development Officer, gave the group an introduction to the different creative technology and software and explained how the participants could access the equipment for their own personal projects.

Two participants in Strathearn Arts' youth filmmaking project using the makerspace in Strathearn library, Crieff

How was your experience of using the Maker_Space?

The loan of the equipment was invaluable to project as it allowed the participants to have hands-on experience using technology and software to produce their individual and collaborative films. It also meant the course was more accessible as it avoided the need for participants to own their digital devices. Introducing the Maker_Space creative technology opened up the possibility of continued free access to professional filmmaking/digital resources.

How would you have achieved your aims without the Maker_Space?

We would have struggled to give each participant the same level of practical training in filmmaking without the use of the Maker_Space iPads. Without this support, we would have had to source additional funding to cover the hire or purchase of kit.

Another image of Image of young men and women making movies with iPads as part of strathearn arts' Youth filmmaking project

Are there any other projects you might use the Maker_Space for?

Not at the moment but we would be keen to use the facilities again for future projects.

Did you know Culture Perth and Kinross Libraries had access to cutting edge technology and design packages such as Adobe Creative Cloud?

We were not aware but would be happy to share this information and support the promotion of Maker_Space in any way we can. It’s a fantastic resource providing the community with free access to creative technology and opening up opportunities to get digitally creative!