Gallery in Lockdown

April 9, 2020 by Perthshire Creates

Unplanned time on our hands can provide that window of opportunity to tackle a task on the ‘to do’ list which has never quite made it to the top.  An update and refresh of your website is just one of those tasks and life in lockdown has been busy for Angela Thomson who runs Artisanand Gallery in Aberfeldy.

As for everyone running a business, the Artisanand Gallery closed overnight with no notice, posing the big question of how to survive during lockdown and still be in business and emerge on the other side, whilst best representing the artists showcased in the gallery.  In Angela’s words:

I started thinking about an online store, I’d avoided it in the past as stock management for unique pieces of art was difficult but while the gallery is closed that’s going to be a breeze, silver linings!  I started looking at my existing website only to discover they don’t have an SSL certificate, so it meant building a whole new website to include an online store facility. 

Online store as it appears on Artisanand Gallery website

Having found a website template with simple clean lines, an aesthetic which complements the gallery itself, Angela set about uploading over 450 images of art and craft work created by 34 mainly local artists.  The online store features artwork by artist, medium or all (for the kitchen sink approach) and is integrated into the existing domain

Angela was able to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive, with the current #stayathome advice for all but necessary travel, the artists were unable to bring the actual artwork to the gallery, and instead sent images so the item can feature in the shop, whilst artists post the item directly to the customer after purchase.

For Angela’s creative business, time in lockdown combined with a will to find a new way of operating, has meant Artisanand Gallery now has that online store and will reach new customers who are looking to send a gift during lockdown or simply enjoy browsing through the work.  In the longer term, when movement restrictions are eventually lifted, the gallery has a new way of reaching potential customers who may not be able to make the trip to Aberfeldy in person:  In a little over a week I’ve created a new online presence that I’m delighted with. We launched the online store on Wednesday 8 April with a free shipping offer, by using the coupon code “FREEP&P” at the checkout.

Angela Thomson at the Artisanand Gallery can be contacted on email at or  07703 733230