Digital Drum & Guitar Lessons

April 27, 2020 by Perthshire Creates

Perth based Echo Lab Music Studios are embracing lockdown with the introduction of digital drum and guitar lessons and want to encourage us to learn a musical instrument with our extra time at home.

Whether you are at the start of your drumming or guitar journey or need some extra motivation during this time, with a weekly or monthly ‘check in’ lesson, they are keen to help you keep on track, and most importantly keep playing!

They’ve uploaded lots of FREE video lessons to their YouTube Tuition page:

They’re also holding weekly challenges from their Facebook page:

Echo Lab Music Studios was set up in 2017 by Charlotte Bibby and Kerr McCall to inspire, teach and guide young musicians of any capability, into and through the music industry, and since opening their doors now work with musicians of all ages and proficiency.  From their studios at Tayview Industrial Estate, Friarton Road in Perth, they are set up to provide artists, musicians and bands to ‘Rehearse, Record and Release’ their craft, in a well-equipped and comfortable creative space, and they look forward to welcoming you back in person when safe to do so.

Charlotte Bibby & Kerr McCall, co-founders of The Echo Lab Music Studios in Perth

Charlotte began her drumming journey playing in various school Jazz, Samba and Rock bands. Following her dreams, she drummed throughout University and achieved a First Class honours degree in Popular Music.  Kerr spent his teenage years playing in local bands developing his guitar skills and graduated from Perth College UHI with a First Class honours degree in Audio Engineering, and through tutoring guitar students, began sharing his knowledge and expertise.

They want to share their love of learning and playing an instrument and the great benefits which include;

– Learning a new skill
– Co-ordination
– Relieves stress
– Burns Calories
– Improves Circulation
– Enhances well-being
– Increases Energy

We caught up with Charlotte to hear how going on-line has been working for the Echo Lab Music Studios:

How easy or difficult was it to convert your lessons into a digital option? 

We were well prepared for the lockdown and managed to switch a lot of lessons the week before lockdown was officially announced. We are also incredibly fortunate that we have managed to build our rehearsal/recording studio which is fully equipped with state of the art equipment allowing us to deliver lessons online and keep the quality of our lessons at a high standard. 

Had you always planned to teach online, and has lockdown given you the opportunity to make it a priority?

We had explored teaching online as an option previously however had decided that we preferred to teach face to face where possible. We also found that those further afield with poor internet connections found it difficult to get a high quality experience due to internet drop outs. 

As it’s very new, has there been any interest so far?

Yes, we have had a good take up of new students as well as most of our older students continuing to keep up with their tuition during the lockdown. It is a fantastic time to start your musical journey due to the amount of time now available to people who might have had other commitments before. Playing music is also an incredibly good way to boost your mental health and stay positive, creating a regular practice routine for example is a great way of giving yourself time to work on a creative outlet every day. 

If so, how have you found the teaching experience compared to face to face?

It definitely comes with it’s own unique set of challenges, we’ve had to adapt our lessons to suit the online format, where before we would put a heavy focus on students playing along to music or with us during lessons to teach them about key aspects of playing music such as rhythm, timing and improvisation, this isn’t really a possibility online, instead we have students focussing in on very specific aspects of playing such as technique, theory and overall sound.

Could online tuition be a service you continue to offer after lockdown?

Of course, if students would prefer to keep their lessons online once restrictions are eased/lifted we would be happy to continue teaching them. It is definitely a big benefit to those who were previously travelling from the surrounding areas into the city centre to get their lessons on a weekly or sometimes twice weekly basis.

Has teaching online introduced you to new clients?

Yes, we have had an influx of new students who are looking for new hobbies/activities to keep them busy during lockdown. It is definitely a great help to have a creative interest such as music that can give you some space every day to focus on.

Do you have any other information you want to share?

We currently have an offer on our lessons of 5FOR4 giving you one lesson free when you book a block. and you can hear all about our studio updates from our blog We’re also happy to hear from anyone wanting to know more, our emails are:Email:


Full details are on their website Echo Lab Music Studios.