Photography Exhibition opens at Goldfinch Gallery, Comrie

January 27, 2020 by Perthshire Creates

The Comrie based Goldfinch Gallery’s first 2020 exhibition opened at the weekend, featuring photography from local artist David Cormack, and runs until this coming Saturday 1 February.

In 2009 David moved with his family from his hometown of Glasgow to rural Comrie in Perthshire. Whilst he loves the buzz of the city, the streets, the architecture as well as the people, all of which provided plenty of inspiration for his photography, he now finds himself visiting the city and based in Comrie, a place he has known all his life having spent many holidays there at all different times of the year.

As an artist, David works in a variety of media, and his viewpoint and perspective on the world have changed now he’s based in a rural location versus a cosmopolitan city. David works at Southton Smallholding which offers horticultural therapy for people with particular needs. He loves working and being outdoors. He has Down’s Syndrome and also difficulty speaking but he communicates well through visual means including his photographic work, drawing and painting. His camera accompanies him wherever he goes whether in the city or out in the wilds.

David’s work has previously been exhibited in Kew Gardens, The Proud Gallery (Central) and The OXO Building all in London through the ‘My Perspective’ exhibitions. This exhibition is permanently on tour worldwide. His work has also been published in ’Shifting Perspectives’, a book which brings together the work of people with Down’s syndrome and the work of other professional photographers studying the lives of people with Down’s syndrome. He has also been exhibited at Trellis in Scotland and has illustrated a book written about Southton Smallholding where he works. Recently David’s work was chosen along with four other artists to be included in an exhibition at the Armadillo in Glasgow on the occasion of the IASSIDD 2019 International Conference. The same work is due to be exhibited again at Project Ability in Glasgow from 29 February – 11 April 2020.

Artist David Cormack, whose work is featured in the Exhibition of Photography at The Goldfinch Gallery, Comrie from Sat 25 Jan – Sat 1 Feb

All of the exhibited work is entirely his own and reflects his distinct perspective on the world around him, David is delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit his work locally at The Goldfinch Gallery, Drummond Street, Comrie, Perthshire, PH6 2DS.  Further information can be found by contacting The Goldfinch Gallery on 01764 218867, email:  FB.@goldfinchgallerycomrie   i. @goldfinchgallerycomrie