Enter The Phantom Workshop Zone at the RE:Design Market

November 29, 2019 by Perthshire Creates

Tomorrow is our first Christmas RE:Design Market at The Bike Station, 284 High St, Perth, a joint initiative with Zero Waste Perth.  It’s an opportunity to showcase the increasing number of creatives choosing to work solely with upcycled materials of all kinds, and an alternative Christmas shopping option for people genuinely looking to enjoy the traditional festive season from an eco-conscious perspective.

Another participating artist happy to share their story is Rachel Gretton who is the creative force behind The Phantom Workshop. Everything created in The Phantom Workshop has been upcycled, recycled, repurposed, reconditioned or remade from retired parts combined to create beautiful and interesting new designs. You’ll find a wide range of items from jewellery and accessories to homewares including drinks coasters and candle holders.  Here’s a few words from Rachel:

The Phantom Workshop was born when my young son asked why Mummy keeps going into the phantom zone? A huge fan of Batman, particularly the lego version, his 3 year old mind had decided that the ladder up to the loft, where my craft room is, simply had to be the phantom zone up there! (You need to see the movie!) The name stuck, and The Phantom Workshop came into being!

The idea behind the The Phantom Workshop, is that everything created in it, is either upcycled, recycled, reconditioned, repurposed or remade. There are so many things that are automatically thrown away, that with a little attention could still be used if not for their original purpose, then upcycled into something else. The majority of things I make are from bicycle parts, which are a prime example of that. You need your bicycle to be safe for you to ride, and sometimes that does mean that worn parts simply don’t work as well as they need to and have to be replaced. The very first upcycled bicycle item I made was when I replaced the chainset on my mountain bike, and simply thought that there had to be something else I could do with it rather than just throw it away. Bizarrely the first idea that popped into my head was to make a chainring oil-burner! It came out surprisingly well, and sparked the fire for seeing what else I could do. Now I collect parts that are bound for the scrap heap, and love to experiment to see what I can create out of them. Not all of my experiments work, but even those I try and incorporate into something else!

My aim is to make things that are useful, and have a purpose, even if that purpose is only to bring a bit of sparkle to an indoor plant with a spoke spike! The last thing I want is for whatever I upcycle to also end up in landfill, so everything I make I view as needing to be something that people will want to keep.

The Christmas RE:Design market on November 30th is at The Bike Station, 284 High Street, Perth and open from 10am 4pm.  It’s also part of the St. Andrews Fair Saturday programme which is Scotland’s contribution to the global celebration of Fair Saturday which aims to create a positive social impact following the growing popularity of the consumer-led Black Friday. Artists and cultural organisations from all across Scotland and all around the world will get together in a global festival following just one requirement: to support a social cause of their choice and the wider celebration of St Andrew’s day through their participation. This event being run at The Bike Station, 284 High Street, Perth in association with Zero Waste Perth and is an authentic alternative eco-concious Christmas shopping opportunity.