Scottish Landscape in Monochrome

August 27, 2019 by Perthshire Creates

The Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers  latest exhibition ‘Monochrome’, is a showcase of black and white images from 8 members of the society running at Birnam Arts from 1-28 September 2019.

Consisting of entirely black and white images, members have pushed their creative boundaries to produce black and white landscape images with a quirky edge. The exhibition features nearly 50 Images, and visitors can expect to see an eclectic mix of both traditional landscapes and images that display a more ‘creative’ edge that will create both surprise and intrigue.

All are welcome to join them at the Opening Event Saturday 31 August, 2-4pm (refreshments will be served).

The Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers is a collective based around the principles of quality, environmental awareness and the promotion of Scotland’s landscape.  The membership represents some of the best photographers of the Scottish landscape currently active, and the Society was formed as a haven of sorts for professionals and top quality amateurs. Membership contains many award winners both nationally and internationally as well as major company ambassadors and nationally published photographers.

Photographers featured in Monochrome are:

Nicky Goodfellow is a landscape/nature photographer based in Perthshire, Scotland. Brought up in the Perthshire countryside, Nicky has a natural affinity towards nature. In addition to capturing the wild and rugged landscapes of Scotland Nicky specialises in fine art tree photography depicting the natural beauty of trees and woodlands throughout the seasons. Nicky won the ‘Your View’ category in the 2018 ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year’ awards.

Little and Large by Nicky Goodfellow

Davie Hudson who runs Red Stag Photography is from Dundee, Scotland, and likes to describe himself as an Organic Photographer. He doesn’t always go for the perfect shot but rather the shot that evokes the most emotion from both himself and his clients. He finds the more of himself and his feelings that goes into an image the better it is received. In January 2019, Davie switched his output completely to film, both 35mm and Medium Format, finding it suits his work much more than the clean output of digital.  Davie is currently head of The Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers.

Homage to Weston by Davie Hudson

Annette Forsyth is a passionate landscape photographer based in Crieff, producing images from all over Scotland. She has always spent a lot of time in the outdoors and her love of landscape photography developed naturally. Annette is drawn to water, mountains and mood, and very much enjoys texture and intricate detail. Annette runs weeklong photography holidays in various parts of Scotland.

The Needle, Isle of Skye by Annette Forsyth

Donald MacKenzie describes himself not so much as a landscape photographer as someone who photographs the land and is influenced in that through his background and culture of being a Highlander. How land is used and the pattern of land ownership are subjects he wants to explore in his photographs. He says that his photography doesn’t aim to be a realistic rendition of a scene, rather it hopefully conveys the emotion he felt when capturing the photograph. Donald now lives in Glenfarg.

Five Dykes by Donald MacKenzie

Stuart Lamont is a Landscape Photographer based in East Kilbride, for him photography is a relaxing pastime and he loves being out in nature and capturing the atmosphere of his surroundings. His philosophy has always been to relax and enjoy the experience and the photos will follow. Stuart was a winner in The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition in 2016 and has also been commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition.

Trossachs Trees by Stuart Lamont

John Thow is a landscape photographer who lives in a small village in Perthshire.  John has an extensive portfolio of Scottish land and seascapes which you can browse through on his website. His favourite time to be out with his camera is at sunrise and sunset, capturing a crimson backdrop to his compositions.  Lately John has been spending more time shooting in mono and finding intimate shots.

Fogbound by John Thaw

Katherine Fotheringham is a landscape photographer based in Scone.  She loves to research the history and old stories behind the places that she visits and tries to capture some of this in her photographs.   Katherine is one half of Fox in the Snow Photography which she runs with her friend Andy Clark.

The Frandy Tree by Katherine Fotheringham

Andy Clark is a multi award winning landscape photographer based in Perth. He travels Scotland extensively trying to capture special moments in time, from stunning mountain sunrises to misty Perthshire forests. With minimal editing he tries to let the viewer “feel” the images in the same way he did when taking them.

On the Edge of the Field by Andy Clark

The exhibition is proudly sponsored by both Zeiss and Formatt Hitech, two giants of the photography world.


Dates: 1st-28th of September 2019

Birnam Arts Centre, Birnam, Perthshire, Scotland

10-5pm, 7 days a week


Top Image: Five Dykes by Donald MacKenzie