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July 31, 2019 by Perthshire Creates

If you’re looking for a way to develop your ‘professional’ creative self and practice from a business perspective, The Famous Grouse Ideas Centre Accelerator Programme may be what you are looking for next.  This 12 week programme gives you the tools and the time to work on and grow your creative business.  There’s still time to make an application for the next cohort starting in September 2019, with the deadline of Saturday 17 August.

The Accelerator programme is suitable for creatives at any point of their business journey. For new businesses, it’s 12 weeks of intensive enterprise education that will result in you having a stronger idea of how you can commercialise your creative practice.  Existing businesses will gain from a fresh injection of energy and focus, as well as a suite of new business tools and contacts that will help with business growth.

The programme covers:  Business modelling, growth mindset, marketing, reaching your customers, presentation skills, cash flow, financial forecasting, strategy and loads more.

Dates: 16th September to 11th December

Format: Monday and Wednesday 9.30 to 4.30

Location: AK Bell Library, Perth (5 min walk from train station)

Applications are NOW OPEN for September 2019 intake, click here to make your application.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with course Manager Lynne on or by phone on  07787 518392, Lynne is happy to email, phone, or catch up in person.  Whatever works for you.


Illustrator Anna Kelso recently completed the 3rd cohort of Accelerator and wrote this blog about her experience:

The biggest takeaway for me was the confidence that the Creative Accelerator helped to nurture within me. This was probably from spending time with other creatives and ‘scary business people’ and feeling validated from their feedback. However I think the confidence is also a natural side effect of learning to communicate more effectively about my work, aesthetic style, vision and strategies.  There is a danger within my industry of becoming very insular, only ever dealing with other creatives (art directors and other illustrators) so being challenged to communicate with non-creatives on a consistent basis has been really helpful.

The whole pitch journey was spectacular. I surpassed my own expectations in regards to the content and delivery of the pitch. At times I felt that too much attention was being paid to the pitch process but now having completed it I can see the benefits of learning the preparation process in theory, learning key skills in delivery, putting all of that into practice in a real-time situation then reaping reward as a direct result (leads for clients and work opportunities). I ended up actually getting a kick out of ‘performing’ and weirdly want to do it all over again!

Elevator straddled the chasm of creativity and business wonderfully, building a safe bridge for us creatives to cross over to the alien planet of ‘Business’ and providing translation services whilst there. It was obvious that they were constantly thinking about the quality of the course and ways in which it can improve. This growth mindset was infectious and inspired me to approach my own practice in the same way.

Since the course I’ve developed my product range, ran a Photoshop workshop for Perthshire’s Creative Pipeline, and I’ve been commissioned by local businesses to help develop their brands through my illustration services. The Creative Accelerator gave me great tools to work on my business, but the confidence I gained whilst there is really the thing that will drive it forward.

Illustration by Anna Kelso

Illustration by Anna Kelso

Illustrator Anna Kelso who took part in the 3rd cohort of The Famous Grouse Ideas Centre Accelerator Programme