Degree Show Time

May 16, 2019 by Perthshire Creates

All across the country May is the month for end of year Degree Shows, an opportunity for art & design students to share their work with new audiences, the culmination of their learning and developing in their chosen creative sector.  Here in Perth two of the creative courses run at Perth College UHI are celebrating their end of year/course with their degree shows in city centre locations, making it easy for anyone to pop in and see their work.

Perth Design Festival is the 2019 Degree Show for the BA(Hons) Visual Communication and Design course run at Perth College, University of the Highlands and Islands.  Many of the projects are related to local organisations and causes which illustrate developing links between Perth College UHI and it’s environs. This is their Degree Show story:

The 21st Century has brought new challenges and opportunities for design. In response, contemporary practice design has become increasingly strategic and interdisciplinary in its approach. Visual Communication remains at its heart, a core design skill which transcends disciplinary boundaries. The BA (Hons) Visual Communication and Design Degree Show 2019 celebrates the diverse range of interdisciplinary skills and interests our students hold, ranging from illustration to co-design. With a strong emphasis on the importance of the role of designer as visual communicator these skills are applied through participation in national and international design competitions, projects of real-word significance delivered in partnership with a broad range of organisations and independent skills based initiatives.

4th Year

Lauren Neill, Kirsty Thomson, Nicole Galt, Chloe Wright, Natalie Warnock, Sarah Matthew, Alicja Pochron, Joshua Stevenson

3rd Year

Gregor George, Jessica Thomson, Gareth Truesdale, Lucia Bianchin. Camelia Hudema, Lewis Crockhart, Emily Anderson, Michelle Wangui, Reagan Cameron, Chloe Alexander, Sofia Olearova

Perth Design Festival is currently running at The Civic Hall, 2 High Street until Sunday 19 May, 10am-4pm.

‘Resolve’ DEGREE SHOW is the work from students on the new Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice BA(Hons) at Perth College University of the Highlands & Islands.

This course emphasised the interpretation and contextualisation of art theory and is aimed to equip students with the creative integrity needed to work collaboratively and to demonstrate the value of contemporary art practices for society.

The thought-provoking works on show from this year’s graduates range from painting, installations to relational practices. Each body of work explores different subject matter – portraiture, identity, mental health and the world around us. The students developed their own individual styles and worked collaboratively towards the exhibition.

‘Resolve’ is the culmination of their work to date and shows their distinct styles and forms of creative expression. The show is designed to be inclusive to give viewers an opportunity to engage and experience the artworks in their own way. The venue – a vacant unit in a busy shopping centre – showcases artworks by individual graduates and reflects the credo of the teaching programme, which focuses on contextualising art for the twenty-first century and bringing it to a wider audience.

Resolve features the work from Amber Bennett, Claire Byrne, Conor McConville, Khristen Madriaga, Shayna Mclean, Miami Mohsin

Resolve Degree Show runs from Saturday 18 – Saturday 25 May at St Johns’s Shopping Centre, open Mon-Sat 10-5.30pm and Sun 11-5pm