Mapping Inspiration

August 16, 2018 by Perthshire Creates

Finding Our way – A History of Scottish Maps and Mapping  is the Summer Exhibition at Aberfeldy Watermill, and runs until Sunday 2 September.

Since earliest times humankind has created maps – from scratchings on the walls of caves to indicate where animals had been found to modern day satellite imagery.

The Watermill is showing a collection of old maps and prints, dating from a 1630’s Hondius map of Orkney and Shetland to geological maps of the early 20th century. Classic mapmakers and cartographers represented include Blaeu, Moll, Slezer, Hondius and Mercator

As well as maps there a selection of prints, which went side-by-side with maps in old atlases and travel guides prior to the age of photography, depicting scenery and buildings relating to the mapped area.

The maps presented in this collection are mainly original, including an original map by the great Dutch map publisher Johan Blaeu, of Braid Allaban (Breadalbane), and which stretches from Pitlochry to the east of Aberfeldy, to Ardnamurchan on the west coast.

This original Blaeu map is for sale for anyone looking for a special ‘keepsake’, in addition there are also high quality reproductions of the map available – in flat and folded formats, printed onto linen in the same manner as maps of old.

In a similar vein there are high quality reproductions of old geological maps of Scotland.

Old maps are not only beautiful objects but also provide a fascinating insight into how the country looked in the past and how it was perceived, as well as providing inspiration for many creative and cultural projects.

Breadalbane by Willem Blau c.1654


L’Ecosse by Robert de Vaugondy 1778

For further information contact The Watermill 01887 822896 or

Top Image: Southern Scotland by Jodocus Hondius c.1633