Perthshire Art Trail during Platform 2018

March 23, 2018 by Perthshire Creates

As part of as part of Platform 2018, members of the local arts group, Perthshire Visual Arts Forum, have been working with businesses and organisations to form an Art Trail which can be visited during Platform, the week-long celebration of Perthshire’s contemporary creativity, which runs from 24 – 31 March in various venues across the area.

For the Art Trail, 18 artists are working alongside Branklyn Garden, The Bike Station in Perth, Scottish Natural Heritage at Battleby and Café Calluna in Pitlochry.

Each artist has created a response according to the venue where they are showing work.

Artists Tricia Anderson, Lynsey Ewan, Mary Golden, Miami Moshin and Chris Partridge will have works on display at Branklyn Garden. Artworks here are in response to the natural environment of the Garden, for example, Lynsey Ewan has created paintings on perspex ‘plant markers’, that will be installed around the grounds at Branklyn Gardens. The paintings feature a few of the spring flowering species that can be found within the gardens, and it is the hope that visitors will enjoy finding these objects as they wander around this tranquil setting.

Work in progress by Lynsey Ewan in response to Branklyn Garden

At the Bike Station, which is in the old Peddies building in Perth, Tricia Anderson, Julie Fielding, Mary Golden, Chris Partridge, Alison Price and Barry Scott will be exhibiting new artworks. As a response to the industrial nature of the building and its current use, artist Chris Partridge has created a sculpture out of bike parts that represent the history of the wheel. Chris says, “This artwork was inspired by the recycling ethos of the Bike Station and the idea of the wheel. There are no wheels in nature – they are a human invention. Created from an old bike wheel donated by the Bike Station and things I had lying around in my studio (rusty wire, a car disc brake, burnt wood), the work marks three key stages in the development of the wheel. The first wooden wheels (3500BC), the appearance of spokes in the chariot wheel (2000BC) and the invention of the air-filled rubber tyre (1845AD).”

History of the Wheel by Chris Partridge in response to the Bike Station in Perth

As part of the Art Trail, works at Scottish Natural Heritage form more of a traditional display at the building’s large conference centre, but are created as responses to Scotland’s natural environment. Alex Kershaw, Malize McBride, Maryann Ryves, and Bruce Shaw will all be exhibiting at Scottish Natural Heritage. Maryann Ryves paints with oils and explores her subjects further through monoprinting, also in oil. She is interested in the use of colour and mark making, texture and layering of images to produce landscapes and still lives.

The exhibit at SNH will be on until the 20th of April. Please call in advance of visiting to avoid disappointment as access times are limited – SNH: 01738 444177

Five point gully by Bruce Shaw exhibiting at Scottish Natural Heritage, Battleby

An example of a painting/monoprint by Maryann Ryves at Scottish Natural Heritage, Battleby

Four artist-teachers, based in Highland Perthshire will also be responding to well-loved local meeting place, Cafe Calluna in Pitlochry. Each artist has created and will exhibit bespoke work inspired by the local business. Katie Barr, Karin Borland, Ciara Gibson and Gillian Griffiths all work in mixed media incorporating a range of printing, painting, stitch and ceramics into their artwork. Why not pop into Cafe Calluna to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake while enjoying the exhibition, which runs from 24th March – 7th April.

Close up of work by Gillian Griffiths exhibiting at Cafe Calluna, Pitlochry

Painting, ‘Land of Confusion’, by Alex Kershaw exhibiting at Cafe Calluna, Pitlochry