Spotlight on the Ellipsis Degree Show

May 5, 2017 by Perthshire Creates

The Ellipsis Degree Show, featuring work from the BA (Hons) Visual Design & Communication students at Perth College, as well as work from the 3rd year students, opens next week Friday 12 May at No.2 High Street, Perth.  Information about Ellipsis can be found on our previous post Ellipsis Degree Show at 2 High Street.  All the shows contributors are detailed on their website, as a preview here’s a selection of work from some of the exhibiting students.

Sabrena Craib: Sabrena’s work is a platform for her to express herself. She doesn’t want to just design, she wants to make a difference to someone’s life. In the future she hopes to go on and combine her love of design with that of Social work. Her interests include Photography, Football and Modern Studies. Although not directly linked with the Creative Industries, she feels they give her a well rounded knowledge that can influence her journey as a designer. She sees her work space very much like a football pitch in the way it allows her to forget everything.

Sabrena Craib



Ben Duguid: Primarily a portrait & fashion photographer, I strive for an honesty in my work, an aesthetic that can be believed and trusted. Portraying individuality in a natural manner is my goal with any projects i take on. I don’t believe in image manipulation or retouching as I refuse to believe that our best picture is one that must be built in photoshop.




Leigh Mendoza: Leigh’s interests lie greatly in graphic design and photography to which she is now currently developing her skills further to prepare herself to work within the creative industry. Design has fascinated her in the way it manages to communicate through graphics and colour which is also true for photography being able to tell a story through a single photo. These have all inspired her to one day create projects that could impact lives and would be remembered.

Leigh Mendoza


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Shona MacVicar: As the first long distance student for the creative industries department at Perth College UHI, Shona has studied HNC, HND and BA (Hons) in Visual Design & Communication from Achnacreemore Farm, eight miles North of Oban. Her journey into design began unexpectedly after a six week trial with the communications department of The Scottish Association for Marine Science turned into a 3 year placement as a Junior Graphic Designer.  Working long distance has meant that Shona comfortably works independently and is extremely self-motivated as she strives to make her aspiration of becoming a fully qualified Graphic Designer a reality.  Amateur baker, farmer, distillery tour guide and lover of all things tweed she seems to be a walking cliché as to what an old west coast woman should be. But at the age of 23 she is passionate about utilizing the design process for innovation and development of progressive concepts and solving problems for the greater good.  Heavily influenced by her country upbringing she tries to incorporate a personal touch to every project she undertakes.

Shona McVicar

Twitter and Instagram: @shonamacvicar

Callum Rankine:  As a designer my background in design has sprouted from my time at Perth College. I always strive for perfection in everything I do to make sure it is to as high a standard as possible, my influences derive from design styles such as Material Design and minimalist design. In my personal opinion, having a very minimal design creates a much larger impact, as seen in my proposed collection and how it takes tough topics, puts them in a minimalist design and creates a striking design that can be seen on many levels. It is my hope that the collection engages with the audience, drawing them in to see the message that each piece is trying to tell.

Callum Rankine

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Meghan Potter: Mhegan’s rural upbringing has played a huge part in her practice. Learning to sew, spin, knit in addition to many other traditional crafts from an early age, Mhegan was always encouraged to be hands on whether it be building structures from wood, helping at shearing time on the farm or exploring the woods searching for natural treasures.  Inspired by texture, these natural fibres and processes still influence her work today and explains her obsession with textiles and macro photography. A love of being outdoors and nature has given her a great appreciation for tactility and the senses and this often inspires her designs. “The Wool Project” encompasses traditional craft with a contemporary twist, communicate her rural upbringing and love of all things textured and tactile.