Rockscapes at Watermill Gallery, Aberfeldy

March 16, 2017 by Perthshire Creates

The Watermill Gallery, Aberfeldy are busy prepping for their next exhibition which opens on Sat 25 March and runs until Sun 14 May.  Rockscapes presents work from Kari De Koenigswarter and Malize McBride, who have been engaged for many years in the study of rock. Not just in a scientific, geological sense but rock in all its associations and cultural meanings.  On opening at 2pm, Saturday 25 March, there will be a chance to meet both artists, each will be giving a short demonstration of some of the techniques they use.

‘Rock is fundamental to all our lives’, says Malize, ‘it is our bank of raw materials and our oldest history book.’

Though they have different approaches the two artists have frequently worked together. Since 2004 they have been on annual working expeditions to a variety of locations from Fife to Sutherland, Argyllshire to Banffshire, the isle of Lewis and Tuscany.  These times, usually three weeks outdoors in all weathers, involve intensive sketching, painting, researching and sharing new techniques and ideas. Although they work in different media both artists see their collaboration as not only critically valuable but also constantly stimulating.

Kari’s main focus for some years has been on the use of beeswax and raw pigments. This allows her to create images which have a strong physical weight and presence, just like the rocks she is representing.

Blue Hour, Kari De Koenigswarter, monoprint


‘The durability of beeswax is legendary’, she says, ‘it is impervious to moisture and so will not deteriorate, yellow or darken. There are paintings dating from the first century AD which are as vibrant and colourful as the day they were made.’

Malize is primarily interested in the geology of Scotland and uses many different media to express her fascination with the vast timescales and colossal forces revealed by geology. These include using graphite, watercolour, acrylic and a variety of printing techniques. She also takes rubbings directly from the rocks in the landscape and sometimes incorporates rock dust into the works themselves. Top image: Thrust, Malize McBride, monoprint

More information can be found by contacting The Watermill on 01887 822896 or by email: The Watermill Gallery is open Mon-Sat 10am – 5.30pm & Sun 11am – 5.30pm, located in Aberfeldy it is within 1½ hours’ drive of Glasgow or Edinburgh. It occupies the top floor of the Watermill complex, which also houses the biggest bookshop in rural Scotland, a cafe and music shop.  It has also been voted The Best Independent Bookshop in the UK.


Pebbles, Kari De Koenigswarter, wax and pigment