Fear Itself by John Wills

March 2, 2017 by Perthshire Creates

Creativity is so often fuelled and driven by situations both near and far, the people and places influencing both our everyday lives and the wider world we’re living in.  The recent political changes in America and the impact being felt across the world by policies of President Trump and his administration are the fuel firing up Perthshire based composer and film maker John Wills, who has just released a new piece of music to raise money for the charity, Stand up to Racism.

After three weeks of passively liking anti-Trump news on social media, John decided it was time to do something more creative and productive, he comments:

“I was inspired to take this action after participating in the anti Trump march in Edinburgh. There was so much positive energy I just had to keep that alive somehow rather than sink into despair over the new leader of the free world. Stand up to Racism are extremely proactive and any donation large or small will help prevent racism becoming an accepted part of our lives.”

The film shows Donald Trump explaining his ‘Travel Ban’ with the original audience replaced by a child. It is an incredibly striking image and carries the strap line. Racism is something you learn, not something you are born with.

The music is titled ‘Fear Itself’ and is an ambient, ten minute piece for voices, clarinet, accordion, fog horn, tugboat and springs.

John is offering this piece of music for a minimum of £1.00 through Bandcamp and will donate all proceeds to the cause.  You can watch the video on https://youtu.be/k6ENnhMcJlE and download the music and make a donation at:  https://johnwills1.bandcamp.com/