Exhibition opportunity with Friends of the Birnam Oak

February 20, 2017 by Perthshire Creates

Friends of the Birnam Oak are holding an exhibition and sale of creative works inspired by the Birnam Oak and/or the Birnam Sycamore. The exhibition will be in the gallery space at the Birnam Arts Centre for the whole of September 2017

They are particularly interested in showing and promoting works by Perthshire artists of all mediums. However, as the Birnam Oak attracts worldwide interest they will happily consider all enquiries.

There’s also access to some wood (and lichen) which was pruned from the Oak in June 2016. If you’re interested in using some of this for your artwork, you can get in touch with Friends of the Birnam Oak.

Artists who are interested in taking part should contact Friends of the Birnam Oak initially via email at friends.birnamoak@gmail.com.  Selling fees/commission structure explained on enquiry.

Closing date for applications is Friday 30th June 2017

You can follow Friends of the Birnam Oak Facebook page  to stay updated with their work, events and activities.

The Birnam Oak and its neighbour, the Birnam Sycamore, are remnants of the ancient woodland that once forested swathes of the banks of the River Tay.  Around 1599, Shakespeare visited the area with a troupe of actors and based his ‘Scottish Play’ in and around the locations he visited.

The witches prophecy
“Macbeth shall never vanquished be until
Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill
Shall come against him”
seemed ludicrous to Macbeth

“Rebellious dead, rise never till the wood
Of Birnam rise, and our high-placed Macbeth
Shall live the lease of nature, pay his breath
To time and mortal custom.”

And though the prophecy is repeated…
“Macbeth will never be defeated until Birnam Wood marches to fight you at Dunsinane Hill.”
Macbeth sees his future safe.

The exact age of the oak is unknown, although it is known that The Birnam Oak was part of the forest at this time and is therefore historically and culturally very important to the area.

In May 2016 it was found by the Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust that urgent remedial work was required to save both the Oak and the Sycamore. Thereafter more, but less urgent, work would be required to ensure these magnificent trees were preserved for as long as possible.

While there are some funds available, these are not enough to meet all ongoing costs. Friends of the Birnam Oak is a community group who are doing what they can to raise awareness of the problems the trees are facing and also to raise funds to continue with the conservation work.

Their Facebook page aims to keep people updated with the work and on fundraising initiates and activities. You can also be in contact via email at friends.birnamoak@gmail.com