Join in & showcase your creative & cultural activity on Sun 20 Nov

September 23, 2016 by Perthshire Creates

Hopefully you’ve had chance to have a quick read through our previous post briefly introducing the Perth City of Culture Bid process.  We’ve got lots of questions to ask you about what Perth, as a City of Culture, will mean to you, and these will start to trickle through over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we wanted to let you know about the Community Cultural Celebration Day planned as part of the Winter Festival in Perth on Sunday 20th November 2016, and to ask if you or a group you’re involved with wants to join in.

Following on from the media launch of Perth’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2021, the bid team are looking at ways to:

  • showcase the amazing talent of people across Perth & Kinross
  • show that culture is for everyone
  • get people involved in cultural activities they may not have tried before

To do this, Perth & Kinross Council will be supporting community activities and events across Perth & Kinross, starting with a Celebration Day in Perth on Sunday 20th November.

About the Day – The event will begin with cultural ‘clans’ meeting in different locations across the city, and Perthshire Creates is looking to see who wishes to be part of the ‘Visual Arts Clan’ & the ‘Film Clan’.  Other ‘clans’ could be based on place, a community or a type of activity, eg: a Dance Clan, a Letham Clan, a Poetry Clan, a Chinese Community Clan etc etc.

We’re hoping to have a central location where the Visual Arts and Film sectors can be represented.  We’re also planning on filling large video screens with images of creative work and events and will be in touch soon to let you know how you can submit your images, mini films etc to be shown on these large screens throughout this day.

Other people and groups within Perth & Kinross will be pulling together different ‘clans’, so if you’re a writer, dancer, singer, musician, performer, actor, animator, comedian etc, keep an eye out for for any ‘call to actions’ from within that community, or alternatively contact us as we’ll put you in touch with the right people.

The day will start from 12noon, although individual culture clan activity can start at anytime after 12noon,  with each clan creating a buzz about their own activity with various activities in their part of the city and we’ve got some fun fab ideas about how to do this which we’re currently exploring.  This part of the day will culminate at 5pm when all the ‘clans’ will gather for a ‘grande finale’ on the main stage in Tay Street.  With all the different clans collected together, the final hour of the day’s celebrations will bring all the different clans together, referencing Perth’s unique history as a gathering place and a finale celebration of the different cultures within Perth & Kinross.

Announcing the launch of the ‘Community Cultural Fund’ – Also on this day, Perth & Kinross Council will be launching a ‘Community Cultural Fund’ which will invite groups to bid into, to secure funding for new art and cultural works in their communities.

What are we looking for from participants on the day? – This day is a community celebration, so it’s really for the groups and individuals to come forward with your ideas about how you would like to take part.  You’re encouraged to be as innovative and inclusive as possible in your interpretation of culture.  You may already have a ‘show piece’ that your group can perform, or you may be inspired by the themes of the bid which are ‘green’, ‘light’ and ‘connected’.  Depending on your suggested activity, participants may need to commit to rehearsals for the final ensemble piece at 5pm in the evening showcase.

Who can join in? – We’re already talking to the visual arts organisations about how they can take part and if you’re part of one of these groups, it might be that you wish to join in whatever activity they choose to do, these are Perthshire Open Studios, Perth Visual Arts Forum, Perthshire Arts Association and Perth Contemporary Art Trust.

You may be part of a different group and want to join in, if so please get in touch and we’ll either work with you or help you contact someone looking after your particular activity, e.g. singing, dancing, performing etc.

What to do now? – At this stage we’re looking for your note of interest and you can email and let us know:

  • Do you want to take part?
  • Are you already part of one of the Visual Arts Groups already mentioned, if so which one?
  • If not visual arts which other cultural activity would you like to represent, e.g.: Piping, Music, Dance etc?

Once we know who is genuinely interested in taking part in the Community Cultural Celebration Day on Sunday 20 November we can further discuss what kind of support and facilities you will need on the day.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and to having as many different ‘cultural communities’ take part on the day.