Caledonian Dream: A new musical festival in Perthshire

June 16, 2016 by Perthshire Creates

Accoustic Music Workshop in Perth presents a series of concerts and workshops which will be delivered by the internationally acclaimed Arpeggione Duo – Prof Christopher Kachian (USA) guitar and Prof Thomas Schönberg (SWE) cello.

The festival Caledonian Dream invites you to enjoy a close connection with the music and takes place from 12th to 28th August 2016. There are several events including two concerts – in the Big Shed and in the Innerwick Church in Glen Lyon, a big family concert and ceilidh in the Molteno Hall, Fortingall, a blues workshop in Perth and an afternoon tea in Rhino Café in Aberfeldy.

It also includes a ‘Ukulele & Guitar Amnesty’ in the Molteno Hall, Fortingall.  The idea of this event is to encourage anyone who has an instrument lying neglected around the house to bring it along and make a start on learning it. Everyone is so busy that we want to make it as easy as possible to come along and take the first steps.

There are six workshops held in the Acoustic Music Workshop in Perth and a weekend string quartet workshop in Glasgow. Some, like the Blues workshop, are designed for all levels of players and some, like the Boccherini workshops, require a good level of proficiency. So there is something for everyone. The range of instruments that will be taught spans guitar, ukulele, cello, viola and violin.

There is also a folk music workshop at which coaches from The Morgan Lee Band will coach participants as they prepare sets of dance tunes. At the ceilidh the participants will get the chance to play their sets for the assembled dancers before the stage is handed over to the professional musicians for the rest of the evenings dancing.

You can find more information on The Caledonian Dream Festival Facebook Page.

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