Emerging design talent at Perth College UHI Degree Shows

April 27, 2016 by Perthshire Creates

‘Degree Show’ time is nearly here!  The Creative Industries department at Perth College UHI have two events showcasing the emerging talent from two of their degree courses, and all are welcome to go along.

Friday 6th May 7pm @ Birnam Arts – BA Visual Design & Communications Year 3 Exhibit. Remain open to the public until the end of May

Friday 13th May 4pm @ St Johns Centre – BAH Visual Design & Communications Year 4 graduating degree show. Remains open to the public until 27th May.

The BA Visual Design and Communications class of 2016 celebrate the achievement of their degrees with their showcase, “Sláinte!”

As students of the University of the Highlands and Islands, they are delighted to have Birnam Arts, “A cultural & creative hub at the heart of Highland Perthshire” welcome them and the display of their BA year’s work in an exhibition running from the 6th to 31st of May.

The class, while recently studying within the Creative Industries department at Perth UHI, have previously achieved HNDs from colleges across Scotland. They will host an opening night to take place on Friday the 6th of May from 7-9pm and be joined by proud families, friends, their course leaders, industry professionals, local supporters and members of the press.

Drinks will be served and a silent auction held. Hoping to be both a socially rich and entertaining night; it also affords everyone who attends an opportunity to speak with the class of creatives, and for them in turn thank those who continue to support them.

On display will be evidence of their diverse skills and interests from photography to illustration, animation to graphic design and more. An array of projects will include those inspired by Scottish cultural hotspots, scenery, food and drink while others evidence design’s ability to challenge with sensitivity society’s views on complex topics such as water consumption, deforestation and dependency on technology.

Through study for their BA in Visual Design and Communication the class have learnt and aspire to demonstrate how design can create change that will positively impact people’s quality of life. As a class they’ve come to value and become adept at solving problems, connecting with audiences, helping to visualise the ideas and the identities of others. As creative individuals their ability to think strategically has been strengthened by working with local and nationally based businesses and coming to understand the design process, master specialist techniques and to develop entrepreneurial skills.

Their experiences have led them to produce powerful and emotive solutions intended to impact on society, as well as made them more conscientious as designers. It has also seen their capabilities in effective communication through visual narration and storytelling grow; so that with the many tales they have brought to life using their talents, they further seek to inspire others.

From opening night on May 6th until the exhibit concludes on May 31st, additional events will therefore encourage visitors to discover, or to take a chance to revisit the show, at the Birnam Arts for talks, presentations and workshops.

To keep up with the class’ progress and to read more about each of their projects, they invite anyone interested to find them online on the Slainte Show Facebook Page. They can also be followed on Twitter @slainteshow and Instagram.

Please do go along, enjoy the work and support these creatives as they venture forth and experience the new beginnings of their professional lives. To those who wish them well they say… “Sláinte!”

Their Honours year coursemates’ show ‘Beyond’ runs May 13th-27th at the St.John’s Centre in Perth.

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